Shopping at our markets just got a whole new look!


Instead of the old standard $7 bags, you now have

ACCESS To Our entire market

and the freedom to build out the produce bag that's

just right for you! 

Want 6 apples, a head of lettuce and a pineapple? That's all good. Want to try every single one of the items in the market? We've got you covered! There's no minimums or maximums and you can mix and match our fruits and veggies to meet your needs.  *Note: the produce pictured above is a representation of our weekly offerings.  To see what you can actually purchase at this week's market, go to our This Week’s Harvest tab.

Each week, we'll feature 10 - 15 items for you to shop. They'll all be priced between $1 - $3, so you'll still find the same value you've come to enjoy at our markets in the past. The only difference is you get to make all the choices about what ends up in your bag. 

If you loved the $7 bag we offered in the past, have no fear. There will always be at least seven $1 items in our market that you can choose to build out your own $7 bag. 

If you want to get a sneak peek at this week's market items and get a head start on your order, check out the list for each of our locations on our This Week’s Harvest tab. We'll also have Order Forms at each market, so you can make a game time decision if you want to put eyes on everything before you make your picks.

We're really excited to give you full shopping freedom and can't wait to see what you choose!

See you at the market!